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July 20, 2016

We really like Slack--it is organized in channels, it’s fast and responsive. Slack has all the features that we need. We switched from HipChat as it used to break down quite often.

Henry Xie

Co-founder - Simple Fractal

May 18, 2016

When we signed up for HipChat, they were the only one that offered video conferencing tools. Their threading is also good. They keep their customers updated when something happens.

Fareed Raja

Content Strategist - Kin HR

April 24, 2016

HipChat is essentially a non flashy version of Slack. It is very easy to use and integrates well with JIRA and other project management tools. It also has a smooth ticket integration.

Bridget Harris

Co-founder & CEO - YouCanBook.Me

HipChat - Best Internal Communication Tools for Startups

HipChat is a team-chat software that prides itself on security and pricing. It has the core features of most internal communication tools, like group and private chat, integrations, archiving, the ability to run on most devices, as well as some “fun” features, like custom emojis and GIFs. However, we’re told it lacks the ease of use and overall polish of its main competitor, Slack. Instead, HipChat has carved out a niche for itself by being equally functional but cheaper than Slack.

How startups use HipChat?

As messaging needs are fairly static across even the largest groups, HipChat is used by companies of all sizes.

How much does HipChat cost?

HipChat is free, with no charge for unlimited users and plenty of integrations right out of the box. Its only upgrade costs $2/user/month to introduce features like video chat and screen sharing.

Vendor info

Visit the website: https://www.hipchat.com/

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