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Sept. 9, 2016

We started with inDinero three and a half years ago but it was not good and we moved into QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online was great. Eventually we moved into regular QuickBooks because we are a hardware company so we needed a good inventory system.

Chris Bruce

Founder & CEO - Sproutling

July 12, 2016

inDinero is an all-in-one accounting tool. We’re sort of happy with them. The time is coming where we have to switch to a more robust solution; where someone is paying more attention to our accounts instead of the “shared” model they have. inDinero did just announce they are hiring a lot more account managers though, so they are hearing the frustration people have with them.

Vlad Magdalin

Co-founder & CEO - Webflow

March 9, 2016

The only problem with inDinero is the price; it’s expensive. But it replaces having to hire an accountant and that’s really good. Their design is very professional and visually pleasing. What we pay for is not only the software, but also the staff. Their customer support team is very professional. I would recommend them, in spite of the high price.

Emmanuel Straschnov

Co-founder - Bubble

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inDinero - Best Bookkeeping Tools for Startups

inDinero is a white glove accounting service that handles all aspects of accounting and financial HR, including payroll, taxes and compliance. A team of experts handles all back-office needs, while also providing an analytics software that uses all of that back-end information to offer valuable insights, such as what your profit margins are and which products are performing the best. The folks at inDinero describe their product as “built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs,” and take pride in eliminating the hassle from the accounting process, and instead reporting the most useful information to help you run your business more profitably.

How startups use inDinero?

A handful of Stacklist founders have chosen inDinero -- largely Seed and small Series A companies. inDinero’s mission is to be an early-stage specialist, serving companies with up to 100 employees.

How much does inDinero cost?

inDinero does not publicize its pricing information, instead requiring you to get a quote directly from the company.

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