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March 19, 2016

We just signed on with InsightSquared. It’s similar to Domo, and looks like it’ll be awesome.

Mike Molinet

Co-founder & COO - Branch Metrics

Sept. 17, 2015

We use InsightSquared to show lead conversion.

Daniel Chait

Co-founder & CEO - Greenhouse

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InsightSquared - Best BI / Analytics Tools for Startups

InsightSquared is one of the few business intelligence services that doesn’t focus on web metrics; instead, it tracks internal data from your other applications. For instance, it combines data from sales and marketing tools like Salesforce, support data from tools like Zendesk and finance data from tools like Quickbooks to give you internal metrics like lead conversion rates, determining if records match financials and support case submission data.

How startups use InsightSquared?

It’s best for small- and mid-sized startups that are looking to bolster productivity by centralizing their data all in one place, and that have enough internal resources to devote to maximizing the use of a product that’s not known for its simplicity.

How much does InsightSquared cost?

InsightSquared has two distinct types of data: sales analytics and staffing analytics, each of which has three pricing plans. The sales analytics plans are as follows: Basic at $65/user; Standard at $75/user; and Enterprise at $95/user. InsightSquared’s staffing analytics plans are: Basic at $35/user; Standard at $40/user; and Enterprise at $50/user. Upgrades for each plan increase the maximum number of users and available features.

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