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Sept. 2, 2016

We are using Kissmetrics, but we are thinking of moving away from it. We have found the segmentation tools a little difficult since the query logic (if, and, or etc.) can be limited. We are considering moving to with a backing database and just writing out our own queries. On the one hand, it is a backwards step since it requires engineers to write queries for the business team; on the other hand, there is a lot more flexibility and we are not fighting the constraints.

Dylan Baskind

Co-founder & CEO - Qwilr

June 19, 2016

Kissmetrics is more detailed than Google Analytics; it allows you to track people instead of just sessions.

Brian Davidson

Co-founder - Matchnode

June 8, 2016

Kissmetrics is okay--we don’t use it a lot.

Russ Heddleston

Co-founder & CEO - DocSend

Kissmetrics - Best BI / Analytics Tools for Startups

Kissmetrics, a business intelligence and analytics platform, serves as a viable alternative to Mixpanel. The two services are similar in the sense that they are both geared toward optimizing the flow of traffic through your website, and both feature standard web analytics like segmentation, funnels and retention reports. But whereas Mixpanel is focused more on mobile analytics and shines in its ability to track trends with real-time data and out-of-the-box reports, Kissmetrics is built more for marketers, giving them the ability to maintain user identity across the entire conversion funnel--for both logged-in and logged-out users.

How startups use Kissmetrics?

Most customers are larger Seed or smaller Series A startups--large enough to need an analytics tool beyond Google Analytics, but small enough that they don’t yet need hyper-specific data.

How much does Kissmetrics cost?

Kissmetrics has four pricing plans: Starter costs $200 per month; Basic for $700 a month; Professional for $2,000 a month; and Enterprise that requires a custom quote. Each plan increases the number of events you can track with Kissmetrics. And, if you decide to commit to a full year of Kissmetrics, you receive two months of that year free.

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