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March 19, 2016

When we started, Zenefits didn’t have payroll, so we had to use Gusto. They have great onboarding, a wonderful UI, and it’s great when you’re a small company. But for us, at our stage, we’re really looking to consolidate, so we’re moving payroll to Namely. Once you get to a similar 50+ employee size, Namely is probably a better fit.

Mike Molinet

Co-founder & COO - Branch Metrics

March 19, 2016

We started with Zenefits from day one. Zenefits is especially great for early stage companies, but once you reach about 50 employees, you’ll need something more. But, until you reach 50 employees, Zenefits is spot-on. It’s free, or they only charge you a very small amount to get set up. It’s easy to on-board, and everything is all in one place. Before you have an HR person, you need something as automated as possible, and Zenefits is great for that. But we’re switching to Namely now. It’s less known than Zenefits, but has actually been around longer. It’s a bigger company, and better suited for companies with 50-100+ employees. We’re switching to them now because they give you dedicated account managers, along with a more robust system. With Namely, there’s a $4,000 setup fee, so there’s no chance, and no reason, you’d use them when your company is just 2 people. But now that we are a bigger company and cost is not the main concern, we need things to just work, without bugs, and Namely fits the bill for us.

Mike Molinet

Co-founder & COO - Branch Metrics

Dec. 8, 2015

We're currently using TriNet, but we’ve also been looking to possibly switch to a Matrix Partners sister portfolio company called Namely. We’ve looked at them before, and they seem to have a cool system with managing employee information like date of birth, etc. We (correctly) have all of that information stored in TriNet right now, but it’s not a great solution because their interface is so bad! Our head of talent wants to switch to a sleeker HR system, so we will eventually switch to something new, but for now, we use TriNet for everything HR-related.

Karthik Sridharan

Co-founder - Kinnek

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Namely is a cloud-based platform that organizes all aspects of HR into one service that is at once customizable and intuitive. Its offerings encompass an employee database, payroll, time off, reporting, benefits and even a social news feed. In addition, you’ll be assigned your own account manager, available 24/7 for ongoing support and training on each of Namely’s features.

How startups use Namely?

Its primary audience is made up of growing, mid-sized companies (between 50-2,000 employees) looking for an end-to-end HR management platform and hoping to avoid more traditional industry mainstays like ADP or Paychex.

How much does Namely cost?

Namely doesn’t publicly list pricing information, so be sure to arrange a demo on their website for more details.

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